About The Continuing Care Hall of Fame

The Continuing Care Hall of Fame (CCHoF) was conceived in 2015 as a follow-up to a conversation among peers in both the Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) and Continuing Care at Home (CCaH) industries. These professionals in aging services recalled that they were the “young guns” in the burgeoning movements in the 1980s and now they are more like senior statesmen. It occurred to them that many of the next generation of CCRC and CCaH leaders probably knew very little about the history of the giants who created and fostered the growth of these movements when nothing previously existed. One of the peers suggested that the legacy of those role model early practitioners would be lost if no one took the time to record their stories for future generations. The next natural step was to establish a Hall of Fame to commemorate role model individuals and organizations in perpetuity—or at least as long as there is an Internet—for their extraordinary contributions. Currently a 90-person advisory committee identifies candidates that meet the high standard exemplified by the two charter and subsequent CCHoF members. Honorees are inducted into the Continuing Care Hall of Fame every two years.

For more information email info@cchallofame.org or call 470.387.8046

Sixth Continuing Care Hall of Fame induction ceremony
Sunday, November 2, 2025, in Boston, MA